WSTPL 13/14

This last year the World Snowboard Tour Point List (WSTPL) has been implemented as a valid international ranking criteria. It’s a good dynamic source to rank all the competitive snowboard in equals through all the international scene during the 52 weeks. It’s a sum of all international avowed snowboard events without differentiation from which organization come from representing the general global snowboard competition community.

I’m what I am and I do what I do and I did what I did almost I got the top 100 slopestyle WSTPL this season. Fighting with myself and having fun among the best riders in the world. All I can say, to be honest, is that I can be happy about this personal and profesional achievement. However a question still remains, do I really beat my self ?

I got a good final international position, during the season I couldn’t stomp a properly run in order to got a remarkable score and result, so I can complain about this more than learn about the experience. About national filtering I am happy to lead the national slopestyle WSTPL 13/14. It’s a fact that it’s not well recognized where I come from, however it is valid personal and profesional achievement for me and to my sport career.

Furhter information on World Snowboard Tour website.

WSTPL final spain

WSTPL final


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